Contributing and Collaborations

We released the codebase in the hope of furthering research in fluid simulation. If you use mantaflow for your research, you will probably discover bugs, and implement your own extension and tools.
We encourage you to share your progress:

Please report any bugs you find, or even better, provide patches for it

If you think your extensions will be interesting to other users,
contact us, and we might include them upstream

You have this cool research idea and need advice?
We may be interested in collaborating!

We are also happy to simple hear what you use mantaflow for.
Drop us an email at!


The following people have contributed to mantaflow over the years... Thanks a lot everyone!

In alphabetical order:

Why is it called mantaflow?

Well ... because manta rays are simply amazing. Check out this video for some examples. Okay, these are mobulas, but they're in the same family :)

If someone manages to simulate this with mantaflow - please let us know!